These are a few of my favorite things


MYA has two FO’s to report.  Her Very First Hat is done, made from yarn she bought during the Yarn Shop Hop.  We’re still working on the pom pom, as the first was anemic, but it is wearable!  She also decided, yesterday morning, that her miniscule stuffed dog needed a purple scarf.  She whipped one out and we’re pleased to report that the dog is now cozy.

Last Thursday I had the chance to get together with some ladies from a message board, two of whom wanted some knitting time.  How fun is that?


Miss Beck demonstrates her perfect long tail cast on technique.


Miss Stole-My-Name humors yours truly.


Miss Lovely Sister In Law graciously tolerates the invasion of knitters into her embroidery space.


Mr. Handsome inspects the German Chocolate brought to me by Miss Beck. This kind of chocolate lasts much longer and is so much less fattening than the other kind…even if you chose to inhale it, as Mr. Handsome wanted to.  I don’t blame you sweetheart…it is scrumptious!


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