365 Knitting Days ‘Til Christmas!

Oh, that cracks me up. But seriously…have you started a list yet?

We had a wonderful day yesterday, and it ended with my very kind and patient husband assembling my present:


It was no mean feat…this baby came in a box no more than 4 inches thick. Lotsa parts! I’m waiting to get to know her a little better until I can run out to walmart for some sewing machine oil, and then I plan on spending some quality time with the girl.  I think she’s so pretty. In honor of her arrival, I’ve started a “spinning” category on the blog…hopefully there will be pictures of pretties forthcoming. (I’m still undecided on whether to post pictures of the first not-so-pretties.)

Some knitted gifts found their new owners yesterday, too, and that’s always fun.  The Koolhaas hat went to my mother in law, and some Broadripple socks (free pattern here) went to my sister in law who loves the woolies!


I altered the pattern a bit to take into account for the fact that these were knit with Cascade 220 (worsted weight) rather than a sock yarn or a sport weight yarn.  I shortened the leg and the heel flap and fiddled with the toe decreases, too. I went ahead and knit them on size 3 needles, so they are thick, dense and warm.  It’s a fun pattern.

Monkey sock 1 is done and monkey sock 2 is mid-leg. I love that pattern. My parents and my in laws might have been reading one another’s minds in the gift department, because I received the book Favorite Socks and beautiful Lorna’s Laces sock yarn. If that can’t get you through a dreary February, what can?


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