A little help from a friend

helpThe last week or so has been pretty fun. One of my New Year’s priorities was to get back to designing. I was in a groove two summers ago, and then school and sports and moves and Bob’s your uncle (Where did that phrase come from?), and designing was pushed further back than the back burner. My goal this year was to release 3-4 patterns. So far, I have a cowl in testing phase, a sock pattern prototype almost finished (this one’s a carry over from a couple years ago), and I just cast on for a prototype of a hat pattern.

I am really enjoying the process of coming up with these patterns. There’s been a lot of swatching, charting, and math.  My artist in residence has given me a lot of input into the element balance and color palette of the hat, and it’s been really cool to bounce ideas around with her. She’s already claimed the hat prototype, and she may also lend her nickname to the final pattern name.

One of the children (not the “baby”) decided I needed a little help with this one and brought Monkley for encouragement. I think he’s double checking my math.


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