I’m a Big, Fat Liar

I thought I was done.  But then I thought of something else.  It might not get done by Christmas, and that’s okay, but then again, it just might…and it’d be really cool if it did.  We’ll see.  I started it last night.  No pictures, of course.  Yet. I wonder if this is bad enough to merit coal in my stocking.

Some of the Christmas knitting recipients opened their packages so I can post pictures of some fun mittens.



I do not know why the pink ones look like they are 2 different sizes.  It’s a mystery.  I’m going to call it an optical illusion and try to keep from obsessing about it.

These mittens also served to convince my sons (12 and 9) that mittens could, in fact, be cool and manly and not babyish, which they demonstrated by immediately asking for some of their own. Such nice boys.

And I had to share this from my friend Rachel’s blog:

We were driving along(most funny conversations take place in the van for some reason) and Elizabeth asked who invented knitting.  Emma said, “I bet Aunt K did!”

Three more knitting days until Christmas!

Love, Aunt K


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