More mitts


It’s been a regular mitt factory here with the hand spun yarn! This is the second pair from the same skein.



I almost had enough for a third pair, too, but I put the rest of the yarn into the bag with the other handspun remnants and started these lovelies with another skein from this summer’s Tour de Fleece:



The second one will start with blue on the cuff. They will be very obviously fraternal twins. Subtle, no.

I love seeing the hand spun yarn grow up!




3 thoughts on “More mitts

    1. Kiersten Post author

      Julie, I purchased the roving from I’m spinning another one of her rovings, and it is jut as lovely. Mine are Polwarth blends, and she doesn’t seem to have the same colorway in the Polwarth available at the moment, but I linked to the Merino. You could always contact the shop owner through Etsy if you’d like to see her dye some more Polwarth. I used a chain ply to keep the colors intact.


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