My kids love this word now…”Fail.”  They say it all the time to each other in that “only because I live with you can I tease you this mercilessly” kind of way.  Sometimes it really fits, though, as in the case with my latest spinning adventure.  There was nothing wrong with the fiber….gorgeous Falkland wool from FatCatKnits, beautifully dyed and a pleasure to spin.  This fail is all on the spinner, who has yet to achieve a good balance between the spin on the single and the spin on the plying when navajo plying at the fastest whorl ratio. Those little twisted up bits are not supposed to be there, and no amount of whacking, whirling, and weighting down with cans of beans could get them out.

I wonder what I’ll end up making from this…a twisty hat? A twisty scarf?

Obviously, I need more practice.


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