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Materials: size 2 needles, tapestry needle, fingering weight yarn.  I used Arial from Twisted Fiber Arts, colorway Firefly.

Cast on 18 stitches.

Knit 4 rows for garter stitch edge.

Lace pattern:

Row 1: k2, yo, ssk, k4, yo, ssk, k4, yo, ssk, k2

Row 2 and all even rows : k2, p 14, k2

Row 3: k2, yo, k, ssk, k3, yo, k, ssk, k3, yo, ssk, k2

Row 5: k2, yo, k2, ssk, k2, yo, k2, ssk, k2, yo, ssk, k2

Row 7: k2, yo, k3, ssk, k, yo, k3, ssk, k, yo, ssk, k2

Row 9: k2, yo, k4, ssk, yo, k4, ssk, yo, ssk, k2

Repeat rows 1-10 for desired length, finish with 4 knit rows for garter stitch edge.  BO, weave in ends.  Fix bobble if desired.



What is she DOING?

You’d have thought I’d stripped down and run through the terminal naked… 


Nope.  Just knitting in public.  Yesterday I exercised my TSA-given right to carry on my knitting needles into a secure region of the airport (5″ dpn AND 10″ single points, people!  Tell me MacGyver couldn’t do something with those!). 

 My first Hedera sock was coming along swimmingly.  I stashed it in my purse to bring to an oral ordination exam, and slid one of the needles right out when I pulled it out of my purse.  I managed to keep from wailing in the middle of the prospective pastor’s answer about the Athanasian formula of the Trinity and quietly stashed the sad sock back into my purse.  I have no idea how to save a lace knit piece when a needle is pulled out.  I’ll either figure it out quickly or I’ll have to resort to frogging.  Sniff.