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Pattern Release: Anderson, Bluemont & Eisenhower


It’s always exciting to release a pattern, and this time it’s triple the fun!  These patterns were a fun excursion into the land of Fair Isle, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing, knitting, testing, and editing. My girls were a big help this time as well. Katie picked out the color palette for the brown hat and the navy/grey/teal hat, and Ellie picked the bright colors of the purple and green hat. Their more sedate mother chose a 2-tone version of Ellie’s hat.

All the hats are designed to be used with fingering, sock, or sport weight yarn.


Anderson Pattern Link





Bluemont Pattern Link






Eisenhower Pattern Link. I love how different color choices make such dramatic differences!

All three patterns are also available in the eBook Alma Mater. My fellow K-State alums will recognize the names of these prominent buildings on campus. I logged a lot of time in these buildings!


Forecast: Grab all your woolens and hunker down!

My sons say they are done with this winter. This morning they had the pleasure of digging my car out of several inches of snow and removing the 2 and a half foot, hard-packed snowdrift created by the very efficient city snow plows at the end of the driveway. One of our neighbors was kind enough to use his snow blower to clear the whole sidewalk on our block. He’ll be getting homemade cookies later today, no doubt about it.

I was supposed to work in the library this morning, but even that was shut down by the snow. So instead, I took some photos of some finished objects.


My winter wardrobe is not adequate to these sorts of winters. Where we now live, you can’t have too many sweaters, cowls, scarves, hats, mittens, socks. It’s a knitter’s dream. This is the first of several of these wrap cardigans I hope to make for myself.


This is made from the very popular Color Affection pattern. Most of the ones I’ve seen have been very dramatic with highly contrasting colorways. I wanted to use yarns I’ve picked up in St. Louis when I’ve gone there with Sean, but they blend instead of contrast, so I’ve got more of a really really long garter stitch scarf.

a1The yarn couldn’t be any softer, and I know this scarf will get a lot of use.


After making one of these for my friend, I knew I wanted one of my own. Katie’s tried to snatch it and is making plans as to when she’ll be wearing it in the near future. I think I’d better make some more!

We’re in for another week or more of temps below freezing. Stay warm, friends!