Shawl collar vest, aka, the vest of shame



I was working outside the home in 2011, and even though I was working in a knitting shop and felt like I was knitting like a woman possessed, I had to give unfinished projects to the kids for their hand knit gift that Christmas. Over the next year, I finished 3 out of the four, and one sad project sat and sat and sat. I looked at picking it back up several times, but by that time I’d lost some of the printed pattern with my notes on it, and it was going to be a mind-zombifying project to just figure out where I was. So it sat some more, and the girlie would ask me every so often if I was going to finish her vest.

I still love that pattern, but I suspected that the size I’d chosen almost 2 years ago was not going to fit the girl anymore. The only way to worsen my lame gift was to make it in a size too small, so I frogged it and asked the girl to browse Ravelry with me for vest patterns she liked.

This is what she chose. It’s called Shawl Collar Vest by Jennifer Miller, and is free on Ravelry. It comes in 2 sizes, and is entirely made out of ribbing, so the sizing is pretty forgiving. Even so, my choice of smaller size and smaller needles almost made it too small.  The construction is clever, and the finished object looks like an utter mistake until it’s been put on.


As of today, I am finally finished with Christmas knitting for 2011. Shameful, isn’t it?  I’d better get a move on with Christmas 2013. (And what on earth did I knit for 2012?)


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