Final Lap



The Tour de Fleece ended yesterday. I finished my final skein at dusk, which was pretty good timing, I think!  The photo above is of the second to last skein finished, a Polwarth wool that I loved so much that it was wound today (366 yards) and is already being knit into a design I hope to publish soon as a freebie.


This is the final skein, and it is so colorful and squooshy that I smile every time I see it. You can’t tell from the photos, but it shifts from red to orange, yellow, greens, and blues, and then goes back through those shifts to red. I think it makes that repeat a total of 4 times. You can see the shifting better from this photo, taken while I was spinning the single:



This skein is 380 yards, which brings my grand total of yardage spun to 2,012 yards.

I’m gonna call that a win. And in case you were wondering, there was no chemical or blood doping involved in this event…just the normal amount of personal dopiness!



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