“Heaventree” finished

I stayed up stupidly late last night so that I could finish spinning the second 4 oz of the beautiful merino/bamboo fiber from Fat Cat Knits called “Heaventree.” I was especially excited to finish it because midway through spinning the singles I decided to try a little experiment. The truth is that I was a little underwhelmed at the final product of the first 4 oz. It’s lovely yarn, and it will find a use, but it didn’t really seem to do justice to the colors of the original braid that made my mouth water. You can see how the vivid colors in the fiber are muted and muddied in the first skein:



The colors are still there but the vivid wow factor is gone from the pinks and blues and the creamy yellows are all but swallowed up. For the second braid, I decided that instead of 2-plying, as I did with the first, I’d chain ply in an attempt to keep the colors more pure. Here’s the result:



See how the creamy yellows exist now? And the colors are more pure? I’m so happy with this little experiment. It’s taught me that if I want to preserve those colors that attract me to the fiber in the first place, I need to chain ply.  If I want a more muted yarn, then 2-plying is the way to go.



You can see the 2 ply at the bottom and the chain ply at the top.  I’ve shied away from chain plying because, as a 3-ply, I worry about losing yardage. After all, I want to get the most I can out of my skein.  The 2-ply was 452 yards, and there was a good bit of a single life on one of the bobbins when I was done. I used all of that and all of the other braid in the chained 3-ply and came up with 414 yards.  Looks like I need to stop worrying about decent yardage with chain plying!


One thought on ““Heaventree” finished

  1. TheBon (@TheBon)

    You just have to plan for your yardage differently with three-ply yarns. Spin a finer single if you want to end up with similar weight/yardage to a two-ply. I almost never spin 2 ply yarns anymore, because I prefer the roundness of a three-ply.


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