Tour de Fleece (day 3)

I finished Taliesin just in time for the beginning of the Tour de Fleece, a Ravelry Spin Along that coincides with the other, slightly more athletic “spinning” going on in the Tour de France. It’s been a couple of years since I participated, and the time seemed right to get Bessie dusted off and back in action.

This skein got finished on the first day (Saturday):



It’s 172 yards of a mystery wool, promised to another Raveler. It’s on the rougher end of the spectrum, but would make a great hat, I think.

I started this on Sunday:



It’s a gorgeous and soft bamboo and merino blend from FatCatKnits (one of my all time favorite fiber dyers) in the colorway “Heaventree.” It is spinning easily into a thin single, and I’m torn as to its future. I’ve got 8 oz of it, which is more than enough for a pair of socks, and the bamboo would give strength to the yarn. The bamboo is also going to give a lovely drape, so perhaps a scarf/wrap?

Here’s a view of the unspun fiber:



You can see the shimmery bamboo in this picture. It doesn’t take dye well, but blends in nicely  and gives that shine, strength, and drape.


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