Daily Archives: March 5, 2013

Test knitting at warp speed

In a brilliant move, I contracted to test knit a pattern right before moving.

(I’ll wait while you shake your head and laugh. Really, go ahead.)

Moving has taken up more time than I planned (will wonders never cease?) and so I’m now in the position of needing to finish knitting and finishing, block, photograph, and review a sweater pattern in 5 days.

Thankfully, it’s an Ellie-size sweater, and also thankfully, I have been able to put some time in on it the past few days.


Looks like I’ve got quite a bit done, right?



We’re missing a sleeve, a button band, a hood (!), and a belt (double knit!). It’s a cute sweater, and the designer writes excellent patterns, so as far as test knits go, this one’s been a picnic. This picnic is now stocked with eleventy billion hours of DVDs thanks to a morning run to the library, and is about to launch into warp speed.