Nice Landing!

This morning Sean took me to visit the second of two yarn shops in our new home, and it was such a treat!  I found so many favorite brands and yarns, and saw several I’ve been wanting to try for a while, too.  She also had the most gorgeous braids of fiber for spinning and felting.

I got to visit with the owner and one of the other staff, and they were really neat. I learned Stephen West had spent some time there at one point and was shown a model he’d knit for the shop…too fun! What a joy to have 2 lovely shops so close to my new home.


This pretty came to live with me and become socks. Yes, it’s very orange. No, I do not have a fever. It called to me.  It’s a skein of Dream in Color’s Everlasting sock, and I’ve been eager to try it for quite a while. It looks like stitch definition is going to be gorgeous with it, so I need to find a nice pattern that will let it strut its stuff.

I’ve got about 2 more inches on the brown/teal socks before the second toe, and then it’s afterthought heel time!



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