Digging out!

We’ve reached that interesting state in the move, when enough is unpacked to live day to day life, but enough is still boxed that we’re not making the best use of space, and many important things are still in hiding, including some knitting. I’ve got a vest that has got to get the highest attention as soon as it’s unearthed.

The charger for my camera batteries has also been MIA, and we finally decided to replace it. (I’m expecting to find it any moment now.) I’m pleased to have the use of the camera again!  My cell phone camera is nice, but so very not the same.  This morning we put the newly charged battery in the camera and I snapped this photo to celebrate:  My current “recitation socks.”



Recitation socks must be mindless and be made with unfussy yarn, as they are what keep me sane through Grammar Sentence Classifications and Spelling Tests. This is a pairing of Loopy Ewe yarns just perfect for afterthought heels.

Several of my earliest pairs of socks are starting to look a little tired and need some darning.  I’ve got a pile going of those, but it (along with a pretty chilly first winter in our new home) highlights the need (yes, need!) for a few new additions to the sock drawer.


4 thoughts on “Digging out!

      1. Kiersten Post author

        That is certainly one of the many wonderful things about knitting: If it won’t fit you, it’ll fit someone!

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