Happy 2013!


What a year it has been for my family!

At this moment, I am not at home. We’ve not been home since the week of Thanksgiving, due to the madness of one and the kindnesses of many.

Without going into too many identifying details, in mid November, my husband became the target of a stalker. In the midst of all, we learned that this stalker was dangerous to himself and others and were very strongly encouraged by those who have relevant  professional backgrounds that we ought to take some desperate measures.

We had already been planning a move, as my husband had been promoted to a position in another area. This development hastened things a bit. S’s wonderful company put us all up in a hotel for a week, and relatives kindly offered to open their home to the children and me while S started in his new position. We’ve been overwhelmed with kindness from so many during this time, and we’re so very grateful. While we grieve what had to be left behind, especially the dear friends we miss keenly, our hearts are full of the love that surrounded us as we have walked through this adventure.

To those of you who have loved us through the past couple of months, you have our deepest gratitude.

We’ll be in our new home soon, and we are all looking forward to starting a new chapter. Some of the children are approaching college age, and so more big changes are surely on the horizon. During these next months (and years?), you may notice a little more caution online, here and on the family blog (where this will be cross posted), especially with regard to locations. However, none of us are interested in living under a blanket for the rest of our lives, so my plan is to recommence with blogging.

For this post, I chose the photo above because it reminds me of an unpleasant experience that produced something beautiful. It may have only been knitting, and a weird alpaca-processing chemical that caused the unpleasantness, but it’s a nice reminder of how God uses trials to make something beautiful. I wish the same kind of beauty for you and your family in this new year.


1 thought on “Happy 2013!

  1. Valorie Parten-Romero

    Dear Kiersten,

    So glad to see you blogging again. I wondered what was keeping you so quiet. So happy that things are on the upswing. You are in my prayers and please keep you and yours safe. 2012 was such a difficult years for many of us. Lets hope 2013 will be better.
    I am still working on writing my Top Down sweater patterns. Haven’t published anything yet. That’s one of my goals for 2013.
    I finally received the handmade knitting needles. Waited just shy of one year. They are gorgeous and I am amazed and the difference between these and every other needle I’ve used.
    I think of you often. Please stay in touch.



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