Small yardage happiness

I have an enormous number of yarn scraps laying around. I can’t bear the thought of chucking them, so I’ve been really excited about the number of patterns that have come out in the last couple years or so that are designed specifically to make use of those yarny bits.

My umpteenth cousin multiple times removed (we’re both related to Roger Williams) made a glorious linen stitch scarf pattern that I adore. I’ve got that underway as well as the famous beekeeper blanket everyone and their cat have been working on:



Those projects are all on the back burner, because really, I will only add to the number of scraps I have. I’m hoping it’s completely rational to want all the scraps in all the things, because that’s what I’m leaning toward at the moment. Today I’m playing with two more scrappy projects and having a great time with them. The first is this Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket.


It’s destined to a home that already has a good share of pink for a coming girl. I’m hoping these fun jewel-toned scraps will be fun and spunky while still being feminine. It has the requisite pink, and I think it will look smashing with denim.

The other is a bit mysterious at the moment, but only because I’m trying something unique for an upcoming craft fair. There’ll be more photos to come, but here’s a peek:


Are you a scrap saver? What do you do with yours?


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