Test Knit: Tiny Dancer

If you are now humming/singing Elton John’s song right now, high five. If you’re including the Tony Danza word substitution, you totally rock. (Hold me closer, Tony Daaanzaaa…)


I had the privilege of test knitting this top. I love the very gentle shaping, the classic shape, and the versatility of the finished garment. I’d totally knit it again, probably raising the neckline a bit and shortening the sleeves just a tad.

I really liked this designer’s pattern layout, too. It was very easy to follow. I don’t think it’s listed in Ravelry yet, but I’m guessing it will be soon. You’ll be able to look at my projects there to hunt it down.

The yarn is Kraemer Yarns Tatamy Tweed. I picked it up almost 3 years ago (at the Salina stop of the Yarn Shop Hop) to make a different sweater for the Katezilla.  Time and inspiration got away from me and so it languished until this test.

She’s probably got a couple years of wear with this, and she’ll probably feel more comfortable in it when she’s a little bigger and it’s a lot colder outside.


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