Creighton Sock Pattern Release

I’m pleased to introduce my latest sock pattern, Creighton. 

This pattern is another chapter in my study of making the most of those stunningly beautiful hand dyed sock yarns that are immediately, impulsively attractive, yet sit in the stash for ages after their purchase, gathering dust while we try to figure out what on earth we’re going to do with it. I love wild socks as much as the next sock girl, but I have to confess an aversion to the “pooling” that often happens with hand dyed yarns.  This pattern utilizes slipped stitches and cables to break up the dreaded pooling but highlight the beautiful colors that draw us to the pretty yarn in the first place.

Creighton has another claim to fame, as well. Unbelievable as it may sound, these socks fit me (Ladies S-M) and my husband (Men’s Wide 14) around the leg.  All the elements are placed on an astonishingly stretchy ribbing, and length is completely up to the discretion of the knitter. I love patterns like that! Even better in my book, the stitch pattern will “click” quickly, so that this pattern can become that lovely blend of TV/movie knitting that doesn’t bore you to tears.

There always seems to be a story behind the names of my patterns, and this is no exception. Creighton is a family name from my mother’s side. Had I been a boy, it would have been my middle name. I chose it as my confirmation name in high school, after obtaining special permission from the Bishop to use it in place of the traditional saint’s name.  It’s the name of two dear great aunts who hosted my sister and me during visits to the convent when we’d travel to see family out East when we were young girls. These same great aunts were one of my earliest exposures to the magical way that yarn could express love and care to others. We’d receive knitted hats and mittens for Christmas, we received beautiful crocheted afghans, and they even tried to teach my squirrely younger self how to tat. After they passed away, and once my interests in these crafts were born, my mother passed to me the needles and hooks they used all those years.  They’re a treasure now, living in clear mason jars in my studio along with the sturdy everyday needles I use, and I love to ponder what Sister “Joe” and Sister “Tess” would think about my family and my artistic pursuits. I can see the twinkles in their eyes, and I think they’d be happy to know their tools and their love for knitting and crocheting have found a home with me. Creighton is named out of love and gratitude for the special people who bore the name.

   If you’re a Ravelry user, you can find the pattern page at this link. If you’d like a direct link to purchase the pattern, you can find that here.


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