This and that

I’m holed up in a room with an AC window unit with a feverish child. She’s absorbed by Pirates of the Caribbean, and I’m finishing up a little gift knitting.

It’s been a busy and fun few weeks in fiber land here. I’ve got another sock design being tested, and I’m testing another designer’s pattern, in Katie size:

It’s a bit further along now than this. It’s a lovely, plain top that I think Katie will find very useful this Fall.

Curvature’s release is going well so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more executions of the pattern. My testers did a fabulous job and came up with very different looks.

This cardigan is from an earlier test knit. I can share photos of it now, as this one has made its way to its new home (although, in this heat, I don’t think it will get much use for quite some time!).

It’s called Pevensey, and it’s a sweet cardigan in several little lady sizes.  It’s got a unique cast on, and the touches of lace are beautiful without being fussy or overwhelming.

Other testers used beautiful satin ribbon as a closure, but I saw the opportunity to use this button I’d harvested from an old dress.

I’m also working on another sock pattern I’m really excited about. It’s taken a bunch of tweaking to get the pattern just how I want it, but I’m knitting the prototype now and I’m very pleased. It always surprises me how absorbing pattern designing can be. I’m getting used to the process, and for me each time is a ride through excitement, OCD twitching and tweaking, anxiety during testing, relief at the end of a successful test, and anxiety again during the final edits and getting things uploaded and listed in all the appropriate places. Then comes the wait to see the reception of this new concept that has been the focus of weeks of work. There’s no feeling like it when the reception is favorable…and for that matter, none like it when it’s not! It’s a growing experience either way, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to explore it for a while.

Elizabeth Swan has just set the desert island in flames, and my little girl is giggling…how are you keeping cool these days?


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