There I was, zipping along in my golf cart…

There I was, zipping along in my golf cart this morning while helping with Junior Golf, when I heard a tentative, “Ma’am?” I turned around in my seat to see a cute little 11 year old boy holding what looked like a long string in his hand. He gestured to the rough across the fairway and continued, “I think it goes ALL THE WAY BACK THERE!”

Sure enough, the ball of yarn I had stowed in the basket at the back of the cart had popped out all the way back there. The partial sock was still in the back, but the ball had ejected, and then been unraveled and pulled all the way across the fairway of the 11th hole. Fabulous.  I sent Ellie across the fairway at a run to find the end and I started hand-over-fisting the yarn as fast as I could in hopes we’d get this mess cleaned up before the next group of Juniors came through, while at the same time watching the Juniors at the green and marking down each of their strokes.


And there is the resulting mess. I am sure this sock will be a joy to knit.

On the brighter side of things, I finished a test knit Saturday night in time to get blocked and mostly dry by Sunday morning:


Ellie and I hopped out on the front porch to take this before church (and before the temperature broke 90!), as you can see by the wet hair.  She likes it and has plenty of room to grow. We posed it to look like a perfect fit for the picture, but there’s a healthy gap in the back. She picked the yarn color especially to go with this skirt, and I think she did a nice job! The pattern is not yet released, but if you’d like a peek at the Ravelry pattern page, you can find it here.

Speaking of girls, Ellie is working on an orange and blue striped backpack to drag along to volleyball and basketball games next year. Katie is working on her 10th (I think) Monster Chunk. We saw a great idea on Pinterest where someone had made Monster Chunks as party favors for a child’s birthday party. The cuties were piled in a basket, and as they left, each child got to pick a monster to take home. How fun is that?!  If you’re on Ravelry, have a look at the free pattern by Rebecca Danger. Katie gives them her own spin by bringing the yarn used to attach the feet up through the top of the head and leaving it uncut, as “hair.”


4 thoughts on “There I was, zipping along in my golf cart…

  1. andrea

    I read this when you first posted it, had a laugh, and went on with life. Then a couple of weeks ago decided to join you in giving the phrase “test drive” a whole new meaning. After co-teaching a class for girls on how to knit and unloading my yarn, etc. at home one of the projects had rolled out of the bag. Fast forward a couple of days when it reappeared from under a back seat, was knocked out of the car by a little foot scrambling out and then the door shut upon the line of yarn. Outside sat the scarf beginning, needle and all, inside was the ball. I drove several miles, had a sudden urge to stop for a fountain drink, walked out of the service station to see this mangled mess full of twigs, dirt, street debris, and a now mostly felted beginning of a scarf – with the needle still in place! Couldn’t salvage it but I learned a new way to felt!


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