Speed bumps

Today has been a weird day. This morning I got some routine things done, and then sat down to do the latest increase round on the shawl pattern I’m working on. I’m at the point where we’re talking about a healthy number of stitches, and so the going is a bit slow at the moment, not least because my stitch count is 2 more than what math insists it should be. I’ve counted and recounted, and my 16 year old son took pity on me after seeing me look thwarted and counted for me. He got the same number I did. I checked to make sure I’d not messed up in the execution of the increases…nope.  I checked my math with the same 16 year old, and he agreed that I should have  fewer stitches.

This is mind boggling to me, and what makes me particularly twitchy about it is that I need to do some serious math to make the next part of the pattern work out. My confidence is low.

There it is, on top of a blue vest I’m making for a friend and a blue cardigan I’m knitting as a test knit.

In other speed bumpiness, I’ve completely flaked on the Almanac Scarf. I went gangbusters for about 6 weeks, and then got swamped with life and forgot all about it. Now I’m torn on what to do with it.  Junk it? Rip it out and start again next year? Scour the internet for the weather reports for the last 3 months? Save it till next year and start about 6 weeks in? Finish a bag of jalapeno Cheetos and forget all about it? What do you think?


1 thought on “Speed bumps

  1. jamesyine

    Rip it. You don’t want to have it around for two reasons:
    1: You will likely want the needles back soon
    2: You don’t want reminders of your procrastination lying around and making you feeel guilty.


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