Does genius burn?

When I was a girl reading Little Women, I loved the mental image I had of Jo writing furiously, ink splattered everywhere, pages scattered helter-skelter and covering her attic floor like snow. Her sisters would ask her if “genius burned,” and give her space to write and write.

I’m not Jo, and it’s not genius, but it’s been really fun to have the freedom to be so engrossed in design work. Right now I’m all a-twitter about a shawl design that’s been percolating for over a year. A little while ago I got my hands on a copy of June Hemmond Hiatt’s book, The Principles of Knitting. (It is a fabulous, fabulous resource, by the way, and has just been rejuvenated and republished with new material. If you can get one, do it posthaste!) I was flipping through the 712 pages when my eye caught on the one element that would pull the shawl together. I love providence!

So today I worked on a swatch and saw, to my delight, that this was going to work perfectly with the yarn donated to me by the artist behind Kangaroo Dyer yarns. Let me tell you, her yarn is gorgeous and her colors…oh, my. I wanted to do this yarn justice with a design that wouldn’t detract from her sumptuous colors, but would be bold enough to stand up to them.

Isn’t that yarn gorgeous? I don’t want to give a lot away because my secret ingredient doesn’t seem to be much on the radar yet, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. (Or be overly hasty with my confidence that all will go as planned.)

My desk and the floor and table nearby are covered with books, yarn, and scribble-filled notebook paper, and my kids are in “Mom’s working!” mode. It’s almost like being Jo.


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