If you give a mouse a cookie…

I don’t know about your home, but in my home, we have all kinds of “if you give a mouse a cookie” stories. One of our all-time best (or worst) ones of these was when I decided to make bacon for breakfast and Sean and his Dad ended up replacing a living room window. Classic.

Today’s wasn’t quite as dramatic, but it still has some serious weird.

If you decide to clean your desk, you might discover that only one of a set of earrings is on the desk where it was expected to be.

If only one of a set of earrings is on your desk, you might have to look under and around the desk.

If you decide to look around your desk, you might decide that you might as well clean out under there.

If you decide to clean under there, you may realize it’s been a while since you sorted through a particular UFO tub.

If you decide to sort through a UFO tub, you may discover a project or two that you can’t remember ever being in love with.

If you find an unloved project, you may discover that that object could be bound off right now and it would make a fine toy/fluffy/friend blanket.

If you think about finishing a UFO as a friend blanket, you may have a crisis of conscience about breaking your promise to yourself never to knit for stuffed animals.

If you have a crisis of conscience, you may go digging in your purse for inexplicable reasons.

If you dig around in your purse during your conscience crisis, you might find a missing earring.

And then there’s this:

4th and long on this morning (although the clean desk and surroundings is nice). PUNT!

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