My countdown was interrupted by a router that decided it had had enough of us and went to a better place. It’s amazing how I take all these electron-shuffling gizmos for granted.

At any rate, I’m now plugged into the cable that is supposed to be plugged into the main computer through which we watch every sport known to man. (Home run derby was fun to see last night!) In between the last post and this one I had the carpal tunnel surgery, and everything went well.  The stitches came out a few days ago, and I was eager to get back to the knitting. I finished these:

Another Baby Surprise Jacket (this might be #6)…

and the commissioned piece I was chugging along on before the surgery.

It’s a interesting design. I like the traveling cables and the shaping is lovely. I think my OCD tendencies were having issues with the differences in the three different sizes and types of cables.  Also, there was enough applied i-cord to choke a yak.

It has a little bit of drying left to do, and then it can zip to its new home.

Katie fell in love with Rebecca Danger’s Knitted Monster Book and decided she needed a monster. She needed one badly enough that she is actually willing to knit it herself rather than pull out the Bambi eyes and beg me to knit it for her.

She was reading through the directions and she paused for a moment, looking perplexed. This conversation followed. Truly.

Me: What’s the matter, Kate?

Katie: Well, I’m not sure I understand all the directions. I don’t know how to magic loop.

Me: Well, I am a knitting teacher, you know.

Katie: Hmmm…okay (sounding unconvinced).

Me: You know, I just finished a class in which the students learned how to magic loop.

Katie: Hmmmm. Okay.

Apparently I can impress some of the people some of the time with my knitting/teaching skills, but Katie is not one of those people. She is, however, one of the people I can teach to do magic loop, as her purple monster behind will attest. I’m counting it as a win for me.


One thought on “Whoops…

  1. Robin

    Glad to hear that the surgery was successful and it sounds as though your recovery is speedy. I haven’t learned magic loop … yet! Katie’s skills so early in life will stead her well.


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