5 Days

I’m tempted to call it a wash.

On the one hand, I made some progress on this:

On the other hand, I had to rip out the pink and yellow sock. I have no idea how it could have taken me so long to notice, but rather than the nice 12-stitch spacing there should have been between the twists, I had 2 13-stitch spacings and one 10-stitch spacing. I knit for about 4 inches like that before noticing something was wrong. Impressive, no?

So now it looks like this:

It’s been thrown back in the knitting bag after receiving a good talking-to, which is so not fair, considering who the dunderhead was in this scenario, but I am way too annoyed with it to worry about fairness.  We’ll kiss and make up soon, but I’ll be knitting something else today.



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