9 days

I cannot believe how quickly last weekend flew by! One minute I’m heading out the door to teach a class, and the next minute Rory McIlroy is hoisting the U. S. Open trophy and I’m crying with pride for him like I’m his mum or something.

So, this weekend:

I made some progress on this commissioned piece. I like how it’s coming together, but I’m not in love with the pattern. It’s a bit of a puzzle to sort out, but we’ll get there eventually. I stopped on this when it was clear I’d need to be looking at three pages at once and probably need a slide rule to decipher. Seemed a bit tricksy for knitting while watching an exciting tournament.

I cast on and knit maybe 7 rows on what might be Fair socks. I think I’ve done about 352 cables so far. Just an estimate. I picked this up again Sunday for the last round of the tournament, but I was so nervous for Rory that I quit after about 10 stitches and 45 cables. About.

I ended up knitting on my hot mess, which is getting messier by the millimeter. I’m going to either love this or hate this when it’s done, but I can’t tell yet.

This morning while the olders are at Junior Golf, I cleaned up some yarn/pattern/fiber mess that was threatening to take over the living room, and I’m ready to go back at it.


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