11 days and counting

Yesterday was a good knitting day!

I made serious progress on the baby jacket I’m knitting on commission (Thank you, Cathe, for helping me with the proper nomenclature!).

At gymnastics last night, with 2 hours of sitting still before me, I decided to cast on for a commissioned pair of socks.  I had brought a couple pattern candidates with me, but none of them were really ringing my chimes. One thing led to another* and I ended up with a sketch for a new design that will work nicely for socks. I think it’s going to be modifyable (spellcheck doesn’t think this is a word) for DK/sport weight socks as well, and the finished pattern will include instructions for both.

I find it fascinating how my handwriting changes when I’m designing a pattern. Most of the time, I have relatively neat handwriting. When I’m designing, it’s horrid. Reprehensible. I wonder why that is?

Off to knit through some more U.S. Open. Rory’s on a tear and it’s fun to watch!

*”One thing lead to another” is an adopted family joke line from Brian Regan’s comedy act. If you could hear my boys read that phrase, you’d be treated to a 5-10 minute rendition of “The Best of Brian Regan” by my sons. Regan’s got 2 performances on Netflix, and they’re suitable for family entertainment. The stuff about “art” kills me every time.


2 thoughts on “11 days and counting

  1. Amber

    I think the y is what got you. Merriam-Webster says “modifiable” is completely acceptable, though i like the y better, personally. 😉

    Great work! Is this 12 day stretch like an extended Fat Tuesday?


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