12 days and counting

This morning I was able to schedule the carpal tunnel surgery on the left hand. The right was done in April, and I’m ready to complete the set. For the last one, the doctor’s orders were “no knitting” until the stitches came out 10ish days after the procedure. With that in mind, I’m sorting out the schedule/priorities for the rest of the summer.

I’ve got about 12 days between now and the surgery date. I’ve got baby sweaters to finish and send to their new homes and several contract pieces I’d like to get done before the enforced knitting vacation.

Once that’s over, I’m hoping to get some pieces ready for the State Fair. I’d thought about and almost decided to skip this year. There was a possibility of a move this summer, and that combined with the big breaks from knitting after surgery made it seem like a good idea to just enjoy rather than enter the Fair this summer. However, there’s a serious competitive streak in our family. There was talk about defending titles and whatnot, and I’m completely convinced to jump in again. I don’t know how many entries I’ll get to finish, but I have ideas for several. Yarn is wound for one already.

So, we’ll see what can be done in the next 12 days!


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