Eunice is the latest installment in my quest to knit all the Cookie A sock patterns. I don’t know that I’ll actually get them all knit, but it sure looks like I’m giving it a good effort. These socks have been a while in the making. This yarn is one of the two I was using to try and make the Nightingale socks. Those socks, you might remember, came to a mournful end when my desire to make a beautiful pattern clashed with my desire to follow all the rules of Fair Isle and it was determined that the pair had irreconcilable differences. I believe I got well into those socks twice before I faced facts. The learning curve was flat on that one.

The socks were frogged, the yarns rewound, and 2 pairs of socks will be the result. These are the first, and the navy socks a post or two below this one are the second. I’m at the heel flap on those, and it’s a lovely pattern.

I love how the socks came out. I didn’t do a good job with the pictures, as I was in a hurry to get photos and get the project labelled “finished” on Ravelry, and that meant photos in waning light.  I knew it wouldn’t turn out too well, but the learning curve might be flat here, too. It did, however, give me the opportunity to tweak around with the color stuffs on my photoshop program. I don’t even know what they’re called, but they sure are fun!  Wanna see how these socks would look in reddish orange yarn? Here you go:

How about pinkandpurple, the official color of 10-12 year old girldom? Here you go:

How about white:








Oh, I’m just kidding.


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