Sample for today’s class

I know it doesn’t look completely finished, but this is as far as this Baby Surprise Jacket is going get. It’s a shop/class sample, and this pattern is so mindbustingly clever that it really helps to see that the weird shape you’re coming up with is exactly how it should be.

I’m not sure it’s truly a “Baby” Jacket, though, as I found it was very attracted to having its photos taken in crazy angles. It might be a teenage Baby Jacket with an acute case of  “the angles.” (Har har…I get my inability to avoid a pun from my Daddy.)

I have to note for the record that I loved knitting with this yarn, Bombay by Katia. It’s a cotton, which is usually not my favorite. I love the springiness of wool, and the lack of that in cottons usually make knitting with them less than fun. This was a complete exception. It seemed to have a lot more give on my needles and the yarn was very soft. It’s perfect for a baby item or anything worn next to the skin.

Also, self-striping yarn is just plain fun!




3 thoughts on “Sample for today’s class

  1. Heidi Brandt Schaap

    There’s entirely too much math in this post. 🙂
    Feel like we have a sweater in that pattern hanging on the wall … yes, hanging, because even when your sweaters are out of season or size, we display them like art in the nursery. 🙂

    FUN colors!


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