It takes an NBA game…

Life is a whirlwind.

That’s hardly news to anyone, but it’s the only explanation I have for neglecting my knitting blog. Truth be told, I haven’t been so hot on the family blog, either.

Tonight I find myself on the couch in front of the NBA finals, and my mind is wandering far from the game. I love sports, but the NBA just doesn’t seem to count for me. So now I’m thinking about all the knitting stuff that’s happened since I posted on March 1. Holy Tomatoes.

Projects I’ll post in the next few days. There have been a few, but just a few. I will spare all the details and just say that carpal tunnel issues are not fun. I’ve had surgery on one hand and we’re looking forward to possible surgery on the other sometime in the future. I went into the office thinking I’d get some cortisone shots. Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

However, there have been some very interesting developments in the last few days. I am still pinching myself about this, but this Saturday I’ll start a new gig as a knitting teacher!

There’s a new yarn shop in town. I can hardly express how exciting I find it that my city can support 3 yarn shops! Sean discovered it while driving on the other side of town. He took me there a few days later and I have a lovely chat with the owner. She’s got lots of neat plans for the shop, including a bunch of neat classes.

Early this week we spent a couple hours talking and planning several classes for the month of June.  I’m planning on teaching the following: Christmas Stocking (Cuff down sock and Fair Isle), Toe Up Socks, Entrelac, Baby Jacket, and a Techniques class including beading and stripes in the round. Of course, this is all assuming that students sign up to take these classes!

My first class is Saturday.

By Saturday, I need to finish designing and knitting the class sample. I need to polish and print the pattern. I need to organize my “teaching” so I don’t get there and start babbling incoherently.

The following Wednesday (assuming students sign up) I start another class. I need to get the sample knit by then. Are you laughing yet? Hold on.

The next Saturday (students?) I start the toe up class. I need to get the pattern written, polished and printed and the sample knit by then.

The next class needs a piece started, and the other needs a couple samples knit.

I totally signed up for all of this, and I’m so excited, and seeing this typed out in black and white makes me think I need to stock up on Mountain Dew Code Red and Advil and plan on holing up in a secret hideout for the next three days. So much for being in touch with reality.

And now, because all knitting blog entries need photos, here are a few socks I’m knitting on contract:

Happy knitting, y’all!


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