Baby Surprise Jacket

This little piece should be at its new home now!  It’s Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ever-popular Baby Surprise Jacket. The pattern I used looked like a reproduction of the original 1968 newsletter in which Elizabeth (first?) shared her amazing knitting engineering feat. It is such a well-loved design. As of this moment, I see Ravelry has records of 13, 634 Baby Surprise jackets. That amazes me.

Above and below, you can see the i-cord bind off. I’m still in love with it.

And yes, the yarn is really that bright and discofabulous. Ellie picked the yarn for this gift, and I must say that I think her choice was absolutely perfect. It’s Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino in the colorway Kate. There’s a little pastel pink in there somewhere. I’m pretty sure.

I read comments on this pattern from knitters who have said they’ve knit over 50 of these in their lifetime. Isn’t that mind-boggling?  This is my second time through the pattern, which is a rare enough occurrence. I’ve also planned 2 more since finishing this one. Who knows? Maybe I’ll hit 50, too.


One thought on “Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. Ghita Traub

    Loved this jacket. Where can I find the pattern as I would love to try my hand at it as well Thank you. Ghita


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