This and that

Well, it’s the last week of January. One twelfth of the year is about gone, and while I’ve definitely made some progress in my 12 in 2011 and my Cookie KAL goals, I’ve not really finished much!

I think this hat is the only thing that’s been completely finished:

It’s a fun crocheted hat, contracted by a  friend. It has been many moons since I crocheted much of anything. I almost always prefer the look of knitting, but there’s nothing like a chunky looking crocheted hat. And how fun is that posy? REALLY fun. If you’ve never crocheted a flower before, you are missing out. Quick, cheap, and completely frivolous.

My January/February Cookie socks are coming along:

Pointelle is mid-heel flap on the first sock.

Hedera is almost to the toe on the first sock. This pair will be going into the Christmas box once it’s done.

In other contract knitting, I’m working on a delightful pile of baby “over the knee” socks:

and I’m puttering away on these contract socks, as well:

As far as the 12 in 2011 project goes, if starting projects could be counted as meaningful progress, I’m sitting pretty.  FrankenBlanket is almost halfway through the second section. I will definitely have to sub in other colors than my original 10, but that is okay. My guess it that I’ll be down at least 1.5 tubs of acrylic by the end of that one, if not more. The Fiddlehead mitts are up to the first thumb gusset, and Ellie’s top is about an inch from separating for sleeves.

The Girasole blanket is growing marvelously, as it’s been what’s at hand during recent Netflix TV series marathons and playoff football games.  I think I’m almost halfway through the charts, but that’s meaningless as far as total project percentages go. I’ve got a huge pile of yarn left to knit through, which lends credence to that whole area of a circle formula thing that I’ve been pounding in the head of a local teenager. My r has a lot more squaring to go.

In a fit of world class justification, I cast on another pretty last night. It has to stay under wraps for a bit, as it will soon literally be under the wrapping of pretty paper and ribbons, but here’s a peek:

I think it looks like candy. Or a Neapolitan ice cream sundae with a scoop of chocolate mint thrown in for good measure. It makes my mouth water!

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Dee

    Love the colors in the secret project. Reminds me of how looking at cotton candy being spun affected me as a kid. Your. Work is gorgeous. Question: I thought 12 (forme) in 2011 is only supposed to be things you are making for yourself. Do we need to stage an intervention? Lol 😀

    1. Kiersten Post author

      Hee hee…I’m counting it as “for me” because I get to hug her in it, and I’m greedy for the smiles she’ll sprout when I give it to her. Does that count?


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