FrankenBlanket: One row down

This blanket is quickly becoming addicting.

It is eating up loads and loads (and loads) of yarn from the acrylic tubs, which is a win-win no matter how you slice it.

It’s a little bit of a hot mess right now:

But take another look…it’s a little inviting, isn’t it?

I’ve finished up one row of 10 and I’m on the second leg of that “L”. All the colors in the blanket are represented, but this row has the dusky purple mixing in with the other colors to make the different shades/tints/hues/something. I never can keep those terms straight.

The right side has the single garter stitch ridge separating the colors. I don’t know that I’ve got enough acrylic in each of the 10 shades to finish this bad boy, but we’ll see. I think it’s going to be very cool even if it ends up being a bit of a hodge podge.

This blanket is the mindless knitting. I’ve got two contracts on the needles, too, to keep me occupied during grammar recitations.

They are both socks for orders I’m eager to fill. One’s a simple 2×2 rib for a toddler, and the other is a pair of Blackrose socks in the lovely Wollmeise. Very fun to knit, but not quite as flashy as Mr FranketBlanket. He’s a total attention hog.



One thought on “FrankenBlanket: One row down

  1. TheBon

    Because I had this pounded into my head a million times:
    The hue is the actual color. Blue, red, green, etc.
    Shades are a color with progressively more black added, tints are a color with progressively more white.

    Looks great!


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