or The Best Laid Plans

After last year, I decided I needed to be knitting on gift items throughout the year, and not one week (birthdays) or less than 2 months (Christmas) before the occasion.  At about the same time, I discovered two terrific groups on Ravelry that would help me with this new resolution.

The first one I found is called 12 in 2011. The idea for this group is to use yarn you’ve already got in your stash and use it to knit a pattern you’ve already got in your queue. Brilliant, no?  It took all of 10 minutes to pair up yarn with projects, and I’m excited to knit with some yarn I’ve been saving for projects I’ve been wanting to knit. At least 6 projects are ready, with patterns printed and bagged with the yarn set to go. Some of those will end up as gifts.

The second group is a Knit. Sock. Love. knit along. Cookie A. (my favorite sock pattern designer) has released a new book (Knit. Sock. Love.) and this group is planning on working through most of the patterns from the book.  The Jan/Feb patterns have already been announced (Pointelle and Hedera), and I’ve got yarns wound and ready for those to be cast on after Jan 1.  One of those patterns will be a gift, for sure.

I’m really looking forward to Jan 1. Having all this yarn bagged and ready to cast on is making me a little twitchy.


1 thought on “2011

  1. Dee

    Great Blog! I took joined the 12forme group because I give everything away. Working on my first pair of socks after knitting for over 20 years off and on. You have given me alot of inspiration, thanks.


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