Girl loves her knitted stuffs

Hello, knitting blog. I’m sorry I’ve neglected you. Life got busy, and then my camera died, and then the Season of Christmas Knitting took over, and most everything I’ve been working on can’t be shown right now anyway.  It’ll be over soon, and during that time my new camera and I will get better acquainted and I’ll be able to show some fun pictures of new knitty things.

In the meantime, let me show you something that makes every knitter’s heart sing:

Ellie LOVES her knits. The sweater is a Christmas present from Memaw and Papa.  Most of the rest of her accessories are hand knits: slippers her Aunt Kakee gave her last Christmas, a cowl I knit for her last Christmas, and the hat that was my FIRST EVER REAL FINISHED ITEM. It was knit for Katie when she was a wee thing, when all the yarn I knew was acrylic, and I’d self-taught myself how to knit incorrectly. Every knit stitch is twisted. Good times.

Anyway, I love how Ellie tosses the whole idea of “matching” to the wind, and simply adorns herself with as many knitted items as she can get on herself.  Rock it, girl.


2 thoughts on “Girl loves her knitted stuffs

  1. rachel

    yo know….her and EMma would really be kindred spirits these days. My mom suggested I take a picture of her outfit each day, but I told her she really didn’t need extra encouragement in that area. She would seriously love a plethora of knitted stuffs.


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