NOW we’re cooking with gas.

Yesterday was a GREAT knitting day. All sorts of things got finished, and the tote that was on my desk two posts ago is half empty. (Or is that half full?)

This is another Maile sweater, made for a friend for her granddaughter. I loved it just as much the second time around, and that’s saying something!

These next items are for another friend’s baby girl, who happens to be allergic to polyester, the poor girl. I really admire those parents who have children with lots of allergies. They sure have a tough job!

These babies are 8 inches long in the leg. I’m hoping that’s long enough to cover baby’s knees so she can crawl on the carpet.  Ribbing is freaky stretchy, and it’s a lovely thing to take advantage of when planning out socks for a wee one with those wonderful baby thighs.

These really are the same size…silly perspective.

This is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s baby sweater on two needles, sometimes called the February sweater, as that’s the month on which it falls in her book The Knitter’s Almanac.  (I think that’s the right name…it’s close, anyway.)  I really love this pattern. I even had my own Elizabeth Zimmerman moment when I figured out a way to work the sleeves in the round so as to avoid stitching a seam later.  She had them worked flat, but I have to think she’d approve of this “unvention” in her pattern.  The buttons on this and the aviator cap are wooden, and I sewed them on with the sweater’s wool yarn, to avoid any plastic contamination.

I also finished up two squares for a swap.

They look a little boring and you’d think they’d completely fly under the radar, but you should have seen the looks I got as I was knitting on the blue one at stoplights yesterday. Sheesh. Don’t they know that garter stitch is mindless and that most knitters are entirely capable of knitting and watching the light at the same time? I wasn’t knitting while the van was in motion, but that was not the point. You should have seen the cars creep up to the side and the wild gesticulations.

I’ve made a little headway on this other sock project that was on the desk:

Another shawl’s made some progress, but I neglected to get a picture this morning.

Yesterday I dropped my Rhetoric sock over at Twist Yarn Shop for Shelly to use it as a shop sample, and picked up some yarn she’d like me to use as a shop sample for Catenary. So a Catenary’s been added to the pile, as has the second round of items for my friend’s wee one. I’m not sure I’m making a whole lot of headway in shrinking the physical pile, but yesterday’s progress felt great!


3 thoughts on “NOW we’re cooking with gas.

  1. peggy

    i love the sweater! it is beautiful, but then so is the blue one. i’m going to ask Bo to get a second job so i can order everything. i’m sure he won’t mind.

  2. Lisa

    You’re such a busy bee! That Maile sweater is on my to-do list, and I love the aviator cap – that might have to go on the list too. 😀

    Gorgeous work, as always!


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