Under the wooly pile

“I’m blessed with work.”  I can’t for the life of me remember who said that in some movie I’ve seen, but I love it. Rather than complaining about a heavy workload, the man cheerfully noted that having work is better than not having any.

October is looking to be an extraordinarily busy month for me in the knitting department. My desk is not actually molding over, as you might suspect from this photo. There seem to be a large number of green objects in progress.  Object to be finished include what you can see, what’s in the tub, and 3-4 more things around the house.

So.  We’ll see how much gets accomplished this month. Ready, set, go.


4 thoughts on “Under the wooly pile

  1. Amy

    “I’m blessed with work.” It’s from Return to Me, when Carroll O’Connor’s character (the Irish grandpa) is closing up the restaurant. One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies. :o)


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