Carpe Diem

Today I:

1. Finished a sock. Said sock was my only link to sanity land while witnessing hours of anguish over long division with one of the children today. I am seriously not exaggerating in saying hours. It was hours, plural, more than three.

2. Tossed the yarn stash to make sure no damage has been done recently in there by bugs, damp, or the vile fuzzy brown rodents that made their presence known last night by boldly running across living rooms not once, but twice. Micky and Minnie excepted, I hate the mousies with a shocking passion. Thankfully, all was well with the stash, and I got a bit of needed reorganizing/tossing/passing to the Katie done as well.

3. Received in the mail Alice Starmore’s New and Expanded Aran Knitting. Glory and trumpets, people.  Some of you are perfectly aware that the old edition is not to be found for love or money (well, yes, money, but to the tune of hundreds of dollars), is highly coveted, and has some of the most drool-worthy sweaters ever created by human brain. (St. Brigid…need I say more?)  To those of you who are not familiar with this book, it is half history and discussion of aran knitting (which is truly fascinating…Sean is engrossed) and half patterns that are absolutely wonderful. Over half the book is on my Knitting Bucket List, and I could seriously do a knit-through of this book. It’s that good.

My library has the old edition, and I checked it out every few months just to dream and to keep it in circulation. I was horribly afraid that they’d decide to pull it, toss it in a book sale, and I’d never see it again. (I really do think the library should check who has been the most frequent checker outer of a pulled book and offer it to them for sale first. Isn’t that reasonable?) But now I have my own, and the entire family was joking about how they shouldn’t plan to see me for the next three days because I was going to be engrossed. I might just. Sean got this for me as a congratulations present for the Fair stuff. He’s such a nice one.

4. Frogged the completed bodice of a me-sized sweater. I’m refusing to consider that this had anything to do with #3.


1 thought on “Carpe Diem

  1. Bear

    Just because I’m reading one of your knitting books and find the historiography and some of the implications of the development of “myth” fascinating doesn’t mean you have to tell everybody so. Come on!


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