Okay, I was squirming.

I knew the results were in at the State Fair, and I knew that unless there’d been a huge change since last year, those results would not be posted on a website.  The original plan was to wait until “dollar day” and take the whole family on Monday.  I guess my squirming was obvious, because this morning, Sean offered to run me up to Hutchinson for a quick whirl through the Domestic Arts building and then come back home right away so he could be back in time for work. He’s so good to me.

This reversible jacket won Best of Show.

Here’s my little sweater, in the presence of greatness.

I wish there’d been more room to display the shawls, but I’m sure the folks at the fair did the best they could.

That red ribbon is on my beaded shawl.  I would have loved a better look at the winner. What I could see was beautiful!

And look! All the drama was worth it!

I wonder if I’ll manage to be done with next year’s items earlier than I was this year?


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