Good news and bad news

Good news: I selected another sock pattern for the Fair and I love it. Love, love, love it.

Bad news: I now have 7 days to finish knitting them, washing and blocking them.

Good news: I had the perfect skein of yarn for these socks.

Bad news:  It’s the same yarn base that I am using for about 300 current contract knitting pieces. It’s wonderful, but all yarn has its pros and cons, and the cons for this yarn is a tendency toward splitting.

Good news:  The yarn is perfect for stitch definition.

Bad news: The yarn is perfect for showing every error, including splitting.

Good news: I have one sock of the pair finished.

Bad news: Last night I had to frog the entire second sock (2-3″) because of a dumb error that was not fudgable, especially considering the yarn’s perfection in showing every error.

Carrying on…


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