18th Hole

The 18th hole, dear Reader, is both the place where I spent several hours this afternoon AND the name of the colorway of the yarn I brought with me to work a mindless sock during said hours.  I really think that somewhere in the knitting universe, my record should show an extra big gold star for a) bringing knitting to a snooty public event, b) working on said knitting during the entire time, regardless of the fact that I was knitting in 112 degree heat index and I was knitting with wool, for the love of Pete, and c) I matched my location with the yarn colorway. It’s item c that I think pushes me over the line separating “die hard” from “a little scary”, but I ask you, how could I not jump at such an opportunity? (As a side note, if you’re looking for an excuse to build the stash, here’s a great example. “Honey, I know it looks like a lot of yarn and I know it seems I couldn’t possibly knit through it all in three lifetimes, but I need to be prepared for every sporting opportunity I might encounter. I know you wouldn’t want me showing up to the K-State game knitting with red and blue yarn, or the Royals game with white and navy  pinstripe-suggesting yarn. That would be unthinkable!”)

The above picture is at the beginning of our time, and this is from the end:

Progress was made, Gatorade was consumed, and the tournament was exciting until the very last shot.


7 thoughts on “18th Hole

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  2. andrea

    Bless you!! I’m so sorry you’re having this level of heat, too. Love your yarn color! We have a new yarn shop about 30 min. from here that has monthly “spin-offs”. We’re talking huge 100+ yr.old warehouse FULL of yarn, wool in all it’s states… I’ve gotta go and see 50+ spinners at the same time. Thought of you.


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