No tame colors here

Today I took some pictures of some finished contract knitting. One of the fun aspects of knitting for others is that I get to play with yarns and colors that are not in my personal palette,  or are in much higher concentrations than I’d choose for myself. Behold the pink:

Mmmhmmm…it is that pink. And there is a lot of it.

Nothing says hummina hummina like a Ford Focus, right?

This is the Autumn Vines stole in Malabrigo Lace, color Cactus Flower.  The pattern is much simpler than it looks, basically one row to be memorized, offset every other right side row, and all the wrong side rows are purls inside a garter border. Easy peasy. This stole took almost 2 entire skeins of lace.

And these wake-you-uppers are in Wollmeise Twin. They are so not my colors, but still so fun to knit.  These socks are not for the timid!


5 thoughts on “No tame colors here

  1. Dana

    Ok. So I found a picture on pinterest that linked back to your blog. I’m on wordpress too, so I followed you. But now I’m digging trying to find your post with that had some entrelac work. Anyway, now I’m working my way through your past blogs and I’m absolutely amazed with your work. That pink ‘wrap’ is stunning.


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