Today is brought to you by the color green

I think you knitters will understand.  I was perusing through Ravelry, looking at all the pretties, when I came upon this gorgeous baby sweater (with a sweet sweet story to go along with it).

Now, I am not expecting. I don’t even have anyone in my acquaintance who is pregnant and knows they are having a girl. There is no sane reason for me to knit a baby sweater other than being absolutely captivated by it.  And to add pure joy to bliss, it called for one of my favorite yarn bases in a colorway that I’ve been saving for something wonderful: Dream in Color Smooshy in Happy Forest.

Raglan style decreases, garter edgings…simple beauty that should be appreciated. No, savored.

I told you I went a little nutsy with this sweater.

I’ve got seams to sew along the arms, ends to weave in, perfect buttons to find and attach, and blocking to accomplish. Then I’ll take the real glamor shots and decide what to do with it. Would it be wrong to put it on a teddy bear and sleep with it? I do love it so…


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