Tour de Fleece Wannabe

Somehow I missed the boat on this summer’s Tour de Fleece event. I’ve done it once before and really enjoyed it. I got a lot of spinning done, and definitely felt more comfortable with my wheel after so many consecutive days of spinning. I’m not sure why it didn’t cross my radar this summer before it started, but I’ve enjoyed seeing other people’s pictures of what they’re producing during this year’s Tour.

Last weekend I got a little of my own spinning accomplished and ended up with these:

The one above is for a friend and the one below might wind up in the etsy shop. It’s a self-striping yarn, and those are all kinds of fun to spin.

The summer knitting is going well. I don’t have a lot to show, as I’ve mostly been puttering around on several works in progress and will continue doing so for the foreseeable future.  I’m watching the State Fair loom ever closer on the calendar, and I’m wondering if I’ll have either of the projects done by then that I’d hoped to enter…we shall see.

The pink is a shawl I’m knitting on contract. It’s perfect gymnastics knitting, as the pattern is easy to memorize and the yarn is super light. I get a lot of looks from the other gymnastics parents and their children.  One parent and a handful of children have asked me about the knitting. (Not counting the youngster who asked his mother what in the world that lady was doing and the mom answered “crocheting.”)   I’m thinking the parents should chip in for a diet pepsi or something each practice, as I’m providing mesmerizing entertainment for their young tots.

Here is the other must-share.  I’m knitting some socks on contract and here’s the first sock of the first pair.

Who needs coffee when you’ve got this sitting on your desk in the morning?


4 thoughts on “Tour de Fleece Wannabe

  1. andrea

    NO WAY!! I have a 2 hr. block of time twice weekly evenings at gymnastics, too! I knit as hard as I can- only here kids are asking me to teach them, etc. Have to remember to bring extra needles and yarn; I’m not the best mom at that point in the day.


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