The Color of Soft

Were you ever curious to know what color “soft” is?  Here it is:

I finished this shawl up yesterday and blocked it overnight.  It’s the same pattern (Textured Shawl Recipe) as this shawl:

It’s a good study into the difference gauge and yarn weight can make in a pattern. The pink/green one is pretty solid, without a lot of breathing room between stitches.

This one is knit at a very loose gauge, and of fingering, rather than aran weight. It gives the same pattern a completely different feel and drape. The textured stitches, especially, get a chance to open up and lend a delicacy to the overall piece.

I used Ella Rae Lace Merino for this shawl, and it’s got to be one of the softest yarns I’ve ever used. It bloomed beautifully after being soaked for blocking.

Today I want to finish an alpaca albatross that’s been hanging around my neck for a very long time.  If I can get that done before my next bit of contract knitting arrives in the mail, I’ll reward myself by breaking into one of those sock kits I made the other day. I’ll have earned it. This alpaca yarn does not play nicely with my skin and breathing parts, which is one reason this project has been hanging around forever.


5 thoughts on “The Color of Soft

  1. cindy

    Love the shawl. Just wondering what size needles you used? Was it a 5 us or 8 us which I think my be 5mm? Would love to make this for my 3 girls for christmas. Thanks for your help.


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