Here and there

I finished Lillian, and it should be winging its way to its new home shortly:

This tank provided the challenge of altering a pattern to fit a person who lives states away.  It was designed without any shaping in the front, and for some folks, that works just fine. It would not have worked for the recipient, so I employed a bunch of short rows to provide shaping and extra coverage over the bust.  I’m really pleased with the outcome…I feel like I’ve got a great tool to use in the future.

The beaded shawl is coming along. I’m still loving it, and still only able to work on it at particular times, when I’ve got a table and some relative quiet to pay attention to the beading and the pattern. It’s not a hard pattern, it’s just…involved. Better knitters than I can surely tackle it while watching TV.

Please forgive the blurry photo. AC inside + photos in a muggy outside= surprise “dreamy” effect on photos.

I started some more contract knitting, as well, in the craziest, wildest, fair isle socks I’ve ever seen.

They don’t look wild and crazy yet, but they will. I’ve already heard the word “hideous” mentioned, but I won’t mention names. Sniffle. Honestly, I’m not sure I could even wear them, but I LOVE that someone else wants to, and that she’s hired me to knit them for her!  This one will be fun to watch “happen.” Note to self: take progress pictures!!!

I have a couple shawls on the needles, too:

This is a Photosynthesis Shawl. Fun stuff, kind of in between “mindless” and “high concentration” knitting. It’s TV knitting, as long as I’m not too involved. Didn’t get much done during the other night’s viewing of The Italian Job.

This, however, is brainless knitting.  It’s a Textured Shawl, like the gradual change shawl I posted a bit back, but in a fingering weight rather than an aran weight.  I worked on this last night while watching Unforgiven.  Sean loves that movie. It’s part of his whole Dostoevsky love. I was glad to have something to make beautiful while the slow descent into hell was unfolding on the screen. Hooray for TV knitting.


4 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. Jeanne

    Lillian looks beautiful – I’m sure the recipient will love it.

    The beaded shawl is gorgeous – I love the center cable. What pattern is this?

    All of the shawls are beautiful – its making me want to start a new one (and I have two already going!)


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