Progress can be fun

I’m realizing that I’m not blogging here much unless I have something finished to show…which is all kinds of stupid, as I love seeing other people’s projects as they go through the knitting process.

So, here’s what I’ve been working on today:

This is a Lillian tank top, worked from the bottom up. I got an inch or two done on it yesterday, and got a bit more done while I was helping the small fry with school. (No summer break here!) I’ve never knit a tank before, so this bit of hired knitting will be something of an adventure. It seems like all the satisfaction of a sweater without the trouble of sleeves…I could get into that. Well, no, I won’t be getting into a tank any time soon, but I do have some folks in the general vicinity that might like one or six. We shall see.

I also took advantage of some quiet this afternoon to work a bit on the beaded shawl.

I know it doesn’t look a whole lot different from yesterday’s picture, but there is at least an hour’s solid work in there. Beads slow you down, man.

For this shawl, you don’t string the beads on the yarn before starting and then blithely slip one up every time you need one. No, you knit merrily along and then you STOP. Pick up a bead with the smallest crochet hook ever manufactured, hook the last stitch you knit and slide that puppy down onto that stitch, put newly beaded stitch back on the needle, put down the smallest crochet hook ever manufactured, reset for knitting, and proceed until the next beaded stitch.

Cables are not known to be speed enhancers, either.

I am loving the combination of yarn, beads & pattern.

But progress on this baby is going to be slow…


5 thoughts on “Progress can be fun

  1. Kata

    Hey! I recognize those stitch markers in the second project!!! 😀

    Also, BEAUTIFUL work. I love your yarn choices for both of these!

  2. Jeanne

    The shawl is beautiful – I love the colorway and the beads are perfect!

    I made the Lillian tank a couple of years ago – its a great pattern and was a pretty fast knit.


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