March Madness

The Big 12 Basketball Tournament starts in two days, and there will be much basketball in the house for the next few weeks. Olympic knitting went so well that I’ve declared it “March Madness” in my knitting world.

I’m not starting any new projects for this. Instead, I had my own selection show and have carefully selected a few projects that get the opportunity to finish their season spectacularly.

From the East division, here’s Maadli’s shawl:

It’s impossible to figure out how long it will be when it’s blocks, but it feels like it’s about 5 feet long.

From the North, here’s a Scarf with French Trellis Border:

It hails from one of the most beautiful knitting books I’ve ever seen, Jane Sowerby’s Victorian Lace Today.  It has photos taken at Rosings Park, for the love of pete…with all the glazed windows and the famous fireplace that you couldn’t avoid seeing even if you wish to (extra points for those of you who recognize the reference).

This one is a challenge…borders with lace knitting on both sides (none of the lovely “rest rows” on the wrong side for which I have a great love and new appreciation)…and really really thin alpaca yarn that I for some unknown reason decided to knit on metal needles…slickery!  This yarn has also confirmed a suspected allergy to some chemical used to process alpaca yarn. Knowledge is power. I’m not giving up my alpaca yarn, though. Don’t be silly.

From the South is a repeat champion, Ene:

This pattern responded well to last month’s athletic competition. We’ll see if it can handle the pressure of a repeat performance.

And from the West, a newcomer to the scene:

It’s kind of under wraps at the moment, as it’s an attempt to get a mental picture translated into a knitting pattern.  And oh, the yarn…Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller….if this can’t inspire a pattern, nothing will.

So here we go…Knitting March Madness!

Oh, and this project found its way to its new home yesterday, so I can post pictures:

Katie is never allowed to leave the house. She’s got shawl-posing down to an art form.


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